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Oliveland - A new concept piano studio:

Private Piano Lessons - Learn Local, Connect Global:

Balance development focus on 7 areas in 10 levels: Technics, Repertoire, Theory, Aural, Sight Reading, Collaboration, Music Technology

*We take the INTERNATIONAL approach - on top of playing music of various cultures and styles, we strongly encourage our students to participate in the Associated Board of the Royal School Exam each year (theory and practical). Those are the highest measurable piano certifications in the world. We collect the newly published music from around the world to widen the scoop of playing different kinds of music in our music shop.

*We train our pianists to be a ' PRACTICAL PIANO PLAYERS' in the 21st century with collaborations. While embracing the piano traditions from history, students are highly encouraged to learn to play with others, in ensembles, groups, duets, trios, bands, with families and with friends. This is one of 'the most' crucial part of piano learning because experiencing the skills of engaging with others is practical and stimulating in music development of a piano player. Collaborations is a powerful social tool in making music. Learning to play chords, improvize and composing is emphasized in the culture of our studio.

*We train our students to fully utilize MUSIC TECHNOLOGY in everyday practice. Using music technology seamlessly in every area of music engagement and performance will help student to evolve into pracitcal authentic piano players. We regularly explore using new mediums in recital and presentations to encourage creativity in piano playings. We believe young players should be able to express their creative mind thru technology - be able to express, share and publish their own projects. We are using music technology in all our classes and piano lessons extensively.

*Inspire The Next Generation Series - students got the chance to meet and learn from the world's best composers, examiners, piano teachers, music experts in OliveLand camps, workshops, masterclasses and other events.

*FACILITY - We have a mini recital space with Steinway piano for recitals and rehearsals. We also got several state of the art hybrid Avart Grand Yamaha N2 piano coupling with Clavinovas, Yamaha CP33 and Korg synthesizers in our facility. Our music technology lab offers midi recordings, composing, ear training, theory learning and music notational softwares so students can learn to arrange, compose, and create music files. We're equipped with the latest Mac workstations with iPads for all students to use in their composition projects, theory class, exam ear training and much more. On top of the music notational award winning software Sibelius, we also have Garage Band composition classes coupling with mixing and Jam techniques and 50 musical apps in the iPads. Studio offers free WIFI for all. Students have early access sign ups of workshops, masterclass and camps. 50% off in Auralia exam training class. Free Saturday Musicales Group Class. Students also would enjoy complimentary use of all the tech. lab gears and study hall facilities.




*Piano Lessons - learning piano with a comprehensive plan. Step by step artistic growth*
From classical beginnings to all levels of various styles in keyboard music., piano plan with half yearly/yearly setting and refreshing goals with principal., piano report, ABRSM syllabus., early starters, talented students, older beginners and/or adult beginners special method materials suggestions., classical repertoire., all the other styles suit to students' interests., world music repertoire., special lesson package rate for adult students., individual student projects consultation.

Once every 4 to 5 weeks. Group performance, beginning and intermediate ABRSM Exam aural training, performance etiquette, recital practices. Please see our Musciales page for further details.

*ABRSM Exam - International certification of piano playing*
Practical exam two times per year. Theory exam 3 times a year. Year round. Please see ABRSM page for further details.

*Theory Classes - music grammar*
Junior and advance levels up to Diploma levels, AP music courses, ABRSM syllabus, theory lessons helps in writing music, interpreting music, equipped with individual iPads and other musical softwares to enhance the learning experience.
Please see OliveLand Classes page for further details.

*Sibelius Computer Class - music notation and publishing*
3 basic training sessions. Held every other month. Ongoing. Please see OliveLand Classes page for further details.

*Advance Auralia*
Advance Aural training classes - for ABRSM Grade 6-8 test preparation
Step by step aural training preparation for the international ABRSM Exam. 6-8 sessions. Three times yearly. Please see OliveLand Classes page for details.

*Garage Band Composition Class- musical forms and composition basics*

*Keyboard Gym - comprehensive introduction to piano with Kodaly method*
Kodaly Level 1 and Kodaly Level 2 classes (each 12 weeks in duration)
Unaccompanied Singing
Rhythm Work
Relative Sol-fa and Hand-sign Work
Stick-Notation - Musical Shorthand Notation
Memory Development
Part Work
Singing Games
Musical Dictation
Musical Activities
Inner Hearing – the ability to imagine sound
*additional Suzuki method is incoporated into Kodaly Level Two classes. New classes.

*Concert Space/ Computer Lab*
We have a 1000 sq ft mini recital space with Steinway M piano for recitals and rehearsals. We also got a state of the art hybrid Avart Grand Yamaha N2 piano coupling with Clavinovas, Yamaha CP33 and Korg synthesizer in our facility. Special practice time could be set up for pre exam practice. Special rate for concert space rental and creative stations computer lab time. Ask us about Music Teachers Association members and ABRSM teachers special rate.

*Showcase Recitals, Thematic recitals, Jam recitals*
Back to school recital, Holiday recital, Jam recital and Presentation recital in May/June. Year round. Please see calendar for further details.

*Workshops - Inspire the next generations series*

*Live music - artists in recital*

*Details of all the above are provided upon visiting the studio.


Founding Principal Olive Yau

As an International Licentiate piano teacher and Associated Board of Royal School of Music USA, WA representative, Olive has the experiecence over 40,000 hours of working with various levels of students producing high rate of Distinctions and Merits students from piano Grade 1 to Diplomas. With a highly creative mind, it's her dream to build up students to be piano players for the rest of their lives, having the abilitly to be able to enjoy playing and be players who relates to 21st century fast changing world, making the piano learning journey as enjoyable and relevant as much as possible by providing the best envoirment to nurture students.

Her students frequently got the highest marks in ABRSM Exam in WA State from Grade 1 to DipABRSM. Numerous students won high standing awards as well as international diplomas in piano performances and music theory in various grades of Associated Board of the Royal School of Music exam. Many of her students turn out to be well rounded musicians and successful professionals. Students successfully used ABRSM certifications entering top universities, medical schools and various professional schools.

On top of establishing her own piano studio, she held positions as creative team leader in designing TV music programs, professional Kodaly trainer, church organist, professional accompanist, choir conductor, orchestras manager at music department in Hong Kong government. She worked in specific fields in training talented kids in music as well as teaching international students extensively in HK.

She established her piano studio in Kirkland, WA., in 1999 since moving to United States. Olive got her undergraduate and graduate education majoring in PIANO PERFORMANCE in Canada, Hong Kong and England and International Licentiate from Royal College of London. She is currently an active member of Washington State Music Teachers Association Eastside Chapter and also the WA State rep. of Royal School Of Music, London. Olive is grateful to have Dr. Eva Lue, Dr. SinYin Lau, Sandra Hunt, Robert Harrison and Ms. Lai Igor Poon as her early teachers.

She got her graduated diplomas in graphic, interior and web design. Travelling and working in multi media projects are her favorite hobbies.


Our children have been taking piano from Olive for over 10 years; the results speak for themselves. We've had two other piano teachers in the past 15 years; Both children are proficient at playing, enjoy their lessons, and have made steady progress. Olive is, by far, the best teacher we have worked with. - Ray K (Parent)

Studio owner's top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative! - Steve S (Sales Manager, Classic Pianos of Bellevue)

Olive makes piano learning a joy. My kids love her and piano to this day! Olive is gentle and kind and wise. My children excelled in Math and Science once they hit 7th grade and I know that is because of how well Olive taught them piano theory. Olive sincerely cares about each student and teaches each student with great care. Olive helps to form the young mind in a proper way that not only helps them to become excellent students of music, but respectful and thoughtful children as well. Teachers like Olive help with parenting and upbringing wonderful and gifted children. My family is so thankful to Olive Yau and will forever refer everyone we know that is interested in excellent piano lessons to her. She is the best! - Lorri D (Parent)


*Our highly selective team of Teachers held International Diploma/ Licentiate/ Master levels in music performance and music education, expert trainers of the International ABRSM Exam in Practical, Theory, Aural, Technical and Sight Reading. Most of them went through the whole process of ABRSM exam experience. Teachers are also fluent in incorporating music computer technology into their teaching as well as having the ability to update themselves with the latest developments of piano learning in the fast changing world. They are keen on motivating students and designing learning paths tailoring to the character of the students. We are members of Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), Music Educators National Conference (MENC), Washington State Music Teachers Association (WSMTA/EMTA). *Click the image for our teachers wall.

teachers 2018

*OliveLand Student benefits:
- Experienced piano *comprehensive plan in learning and growth in 5 areas.
- Piano development and Exam path of each individual students.
- Exam accompanying, ABRSM proctor and exam trainer job opportunities. Paid if over 16.
- Free practice on all our pianos and keyboards anytime if space is allowed.
- Musicales group class experience with special Aural ABRSM graded training materials.
- Free computer lab time, Musicales, group piano practice.
- Participate in collaborative piano projects.
- Full assistance in preparation of AP test, different piano projects and senior music projects.
- Use of softwares, iPads and tech supports/ advise in all our Theory classes, Sibelius classes,
composition classes, special recital rehearsals and Musicales classes.
- Enjoy unlimited Oliveland free Wifi.
- Early Access and special rate to all workshops, groups and camp sessions which are open to public.

*email the studio to set up an appointment








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