Jam recitals - Collaborative piano projects - Oliveland Studio

(projects and live performances before 2012)

We believe in 'Play. Learn. Create. Connect'

We believe in merging the classical music foundation with the real world of 21st century so we could use our skills to share, help others and be able to enjoy music for the rest of our lives.

While all the students are trained classically, we do thematic recitals, group piano bands, computer composition, music poetry, family music groups, sharing second instrument skills, singing projects, song writing, music technology learning etc. as our whole experience in piano learning.

To all students and parents: this is only a small portion of what we did. Please submit your videos if you want to be added to this page. This page is updated regularly. We have another page of videos for classical piano performances. You are welcomed to provide your testimonials to our 'Jam' experience. To all visitors: please contact the studio for info. and questions about our projects.

Recent YouTube page (from 2012)


Sound Track: Sound project in live performance - Reflections:





Sound Track: Student composition - 'Tribal Trip' live performance

Sound Track: Computer composition project: ' Burst'

Video: I'm Yours (Jam Recital 2011)


Ian Wong

Video: I Get my Beat - In Lesson composition (2011)

Video: Stroll On - Clavinova Project

Video: Baroque Band (Clavinova Festival 2005)



Video: Family Baroque Band - Bach Menuet in G



hannah jordan

Video: In Lesson singing - 'Hallelujah'


jam winter

Sound Track plus live performance: Computer Composition project 'scottish and bagpipies'

Sound Track plus live performance: Clavinova project - New York New York

Video: Intermedaite Piano band (2005 WA Clavinova Festival)




Video: Frog Song - In Lesson recording plus student's arrangements

ny family

Sound Track: live performance piano ensemble : "Paris Boulevard'


band rag

Sound Track GarageBand Project plus live performance: 'Orange' - composition

Video: taste of Baroque! Clavinova live performance



Video project: Chez le forgeron - vibraphone edition



Sound Track: 'Fusa' - composition project

Video: 'Not Yet' - student composition



Video: In lesson student composition (first draft)- Kayla R (2010)


Poster designed by studentposter


Video : A song from Egypt - 'Take the ring'


Video: Family project - the student arranged all voices herself (keyboard part pre-played by her)

Sound Track : 'wild animals' - computer composition project

Video in lesson improv. chord progression - short composition

Sound Track: GarageBand Project Dance of the mooses - student composition

Video: OliveLand 'Beyond Infinity' - piano band Clavinova Festival (2005)


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