How to register for Chrisotpher Norton piano camp  

1. Find your Level (white boxes)

2. Decide whether you’d like -
a. Basic Pass (your level’s white box with ONE Fun Box)
b. Silver Pass (your level’s white box with TWO Fun Boxes)
c. Gold Pass ( your level’s white box with ANY/ALL Fun Boxes)

3. ALL Passes includes SUPER FUN BOX MicroMusicals ‘Vikings’ - singing and rhythmic training and ensemble playing esp. catering to piano students. Written and directed by Christopher Norton.

4. ALL Passes includes 1 free concert ticket. Gold Pass includes 2 free concert tickets.

5. Make sure you take the books (one Repertoire and one Etudes) and prepare the first Module of your level after you register.

** All day free strawberries, drinks and popcorn and some more surprise fun **



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